New Product Release: French Mitered Doors

Updated: May 6, 2021

Ovation is proud to announce the release of a new category of doors: French Mitered Doors.

Why French Miter?

French Mitered Door construction allows you to create the ‘look’ of an applied molding, mortise & tenon door without the need to apply any molding to the door. The back of the French Mitered door reveals the secret to create this look, which is the unique cut made to the mitered stile and rail profiles. By utilizing this construction method, the door is made made from five pieces instead of nine.

This results in two benefits:

1. Less pieces are used, generating less movement during shifts in humidity and temperature.

2. The profile is made of the same piece of wood as the stiles and rails which leads to greater uniformity in color than an applied molding door.

An additional feature of French Mitered Doors is the flexibility in stile and rail dimensions. Unlike mitered doors which require all pieces of the frame to be the same width, a French Mitered door or drawer front can have different width stiles and rails in the same door. This is illustrated in the pictures below.

The 6 new doors are Ashland, Brooklyn, Cresta, Del Rio, Manor, and Rio Verde.

ASHLAND, F-M, Hard Maple, Nature’s Own, Classic 20 Sheen

BROOKLYN, F-M, Hard Maple, L-667 Storm, Classic 20 Sheen

CRESTA, F-M, Sapele, Chesapeake, Classic 20 Sheen

DEL RIO, F-M, Alder, LG-104, Classic 20 Sheen

MANOR, F-M, Cherry, 17 Sheer, Slate Wiped, Classic 20 sheen

RIO VERDE, F-M, Walnut, L-613, Heirloom 10