Distress and Glaze with Ovation

Our post today is in regards to our “True” pricing system for our Amenity and ON:U lines. We would like to remind you our “True” pricing extends to our Glaze and Distressing packages.

Where other manufacturing companies charge a percentage of the total cost, we charge per square foot of product. On your next job that a Glaze or Distressing package is requested, we invite you to quote it in our Amenity or ON:U lines. You will get the Ovation Quality cabinet while saving some money on the Glaze and/or Distressing.

You will really start to see the savings when you chose a Glaze or a Distressing package on a project that you are using more accessories, woods species such as walnut or mahogany and more expensive finish. You will notice the price of the material does not effect the cost due to our “True” pricing.

After reviewing 20 projects the average price increase for a medium distressing package was between 4%-6%.

Helpful Tools:

If a reminder is needed on the different types of distressing it is as simple as opening OPTS and clicking on the name of the distressing package in the upper right hand corner then right clicking. OPTS will display a picture with the related distressing package.

OPTS user are also able to left click on the name of individual distressing techniques and then right click and a picture will display with the related distressing technique.

Amenity ON:U Catalog:

Glazes – pages 28 & 29

Distressing Packages – page 31

If you would like samples of the offered distressing packages or a sample door with a glaze please place your order today through OPTS! Note: Rub Thru does not come standard in each of the distressing packages and must be selected when placing your order.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with high quality custom cabinetry!